Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Top Eleven Be a Football Manager tips

hello guys,

i want to share some tips for you guys. maybe this tips is very helpful for newbie(Level 1) who don't have much money to buy player, but at the same time they have alot of token.

ok, follow this shit below

1. sell player that you don't want to use (etc; low quality)
2. sell player that have high Market Value so you can buy a better player at lower price in the transfer market.
3. buy Free Agent player at transfer market and sell it. all i want to say is, DO NOT WASTE YOUR FUCKING TOKEN TO MAKE BANK LOAN.
4. DON'T BECOME TOO GREEDY. don't aim for the expensive free agent player. you'll waste your token bcos you're not the only one who knows this easy-money guide.

i give you an example. i bought this free agent player at transfer market. this player value is 810k(F). its not just me who bid this player at that time so i waste about 4 token to fucking win the bid.

after that, i sell it to my 2nd account.

see, easy money. 4 token for 736k$. if you use BANK LOAN, you'll waste 25 token for 800k$. LOL! what a waste.

thats all for today. if you got anything else to ask, just comment me :)


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