Friday, May 21, 2010

DotA tournament rules.

1.Bug using may result in a Default loss.

2.Creep skipping/backdooring is
forbidden. This means you are not allowed to attack towers or other
buildings without creep support.
3."Creep support" means that the tower is
in range of attacking creeps - even if the creeps do not choose to
attack the tower or vice versa.

4.You are allowed to attack any building
in enemy base if there are friendly creeps in the base when you
entered. You do not have to leave/stop attacking if all creeps are
dead. E.g - creeps enter the top entrance of base and start attacking
the tower/barracks. You [color=green]can enter the base by any entrance
and attack any building as long as you entered while creeps were in the
base. You may stay as long as you want.

5.Only two Mekansms per team.

6.Only one Necronomicon per team.

7.Maximum of two euls/guinsoos per team.

8.A team is not allowed to buy items for
...other players, but sharing healing/clarity potions, tangos, ring of
health/regeneration, gem of truesight, wards, voidstone, sobimask,
Bottle, Perserverance and a courier is allowed. Be careful during
sharing because you can accidently build recipe items.

9.You can use other heros to buy your items as long as you use your money and they are not used by this hero.

10.Completely closing the entrance to either base using earthshakers fissure is forbidden.

Monday, May 3, 2010


kmarin aku tgk replays geng [R]Digi lwn geng mna tatau. mcm puki. game tk smpai 10minit dh mng. ahahaha. sblum ni plg laju aku tgk, 15min bru bleh mng(geng yg kalah tu geng2 yg baru main dota). tp ni agak trkejut ah. main -cm mode. slalunya klu yg main -cm mode ni msti yg dh agak brpgalaman main dota. hahaha. geng [R]Digi amek hero necrolyte, ezalor, pugna, furion, witch doctor. yg geng scourge punya la amek hero combo. ursa, enigma, potm, lion, n sekoq lg aku lupa. ahahah. seingat aku, geng [R]Digi tu beli ring of bassilus gan mnatang yg nk buat "mekan"(lupa mnatang tu nama apa). alah, yg kna guna kayu bodo 1, pstu ring of regeneration 1. otw push, witch doctor beli periuk nasik(urn). lpas tu sekoq lg beli arcane ring. ahaha, komfom tk balik regen dh aa, suma dh ada tgh jln =P