Sunday, April 26, 2009

No title (tk siap lg)

I walk through the day,
As a journey to the west,
I'm not running away,
It's a journey to make me grow.

The dream will slowly collapse,
The promises will slowly dissapear,
I must throw out the mask on my face,
It's time to face the world.

World of struggle,
Where selfish people lives,
I don't care if i live with those people,
I'm just who i am.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


idk why i must read it and i know something about your problem. please be calm. it'll make you grow. trust me. don't think about it too much. i wish i could help you. i know how you feel. i think your problem is a little bit worst then mine. but i can feel the same as yours. well, you need time to forget it eventhough it hurt you alot.

be strong. throw away your fear. walk through the struggle. gain experience from every mistake. you can make it. be like me. i can smile eventhough i'm in big trouble. i can make people laugh eventhough my brain is full with problem. just be strong.

babi takboleh jadi kerbau.

hahaha. bodoh gila title. tp kn, babi mmg tkboleh jadi kerbau. kalau babi tu, babi jgk smpai mati. so, janganlah menipu untuk jadi kerbau. hg tipu camna pn, hg tetap babi. klu hg pakai topeng kerbau sekalipun, idung hg tetap menjadi pojaan hatiku. haha. dah la tu. tkyah dok tipu org sgt. tobat2 la sama. awai2 aku tgk hg pn aku dh tau hg ni camna. perangai mcm taik. awai2 ja bt baik. last dok tikam org. hg ni mmg diibaratkan sbgai babi la. hg tgk gambaq babi, sebijik mcm hg. hahahaha. bodoh. FUCK OFF!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sit down sit down!

HAHAHA. Kesian gila kt org tua terkutuk ni.

Arsenal song? maybe. i found on thier site. haha.

"Ooh to be a Gooner"

"Arsenal, Arsenal"

"We love you Arsenal"

"Come on Arsenal"

lagi 1

"And its Arsenal, Arsenal it is"

"Were by far the best team"

"That the world has ever seen"

21 April 2009, 4.54a.m

I cried because of liverpool. FUCK! Arshavin already did the best but liverpool either. Actually i watched that game (Arsenal vs Liverpool) at home with my brother. Well, i'm not talking with my brother since i was 12 and my brother is a liverpool fans and i'm arsenal fans. I really hope that arsenal can pawn liverpool because i wish my brother will hate me more after he watch his favourite team lose with his brother's favourite team. HAHA. sound funny. but i really mean this. Anyway, good jub gunners. Next big team is Man UTD. I can't wait to win money from my dearest friend if arsenal can go to UEFA CUP final. HAHA.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This is nothing.

When the day come,
I'll raise my hand,
Show some respect,
I will.

I want to see buildings grow as healthy grass,
Make us proud,
No longer old mind thinking,
Freely move around.

No more fighting,
No more enemy.

Breath deeply,
Smell the fresh air,
How amazing this world are,
Thank god.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Drug is a killing machine. I don't understand why people do take drug eventhough they already knew the effect. Are they dumb? I think so. They wasting thier money to blow thier healthy life into unhealthy one. WOW!

Hey, open up your eyes. How if 1 day, your parents know that you're addicted to drug? You know how hurt they are? You know what they feel? Fuck you! You don't even think about that. I'm not saying that i'm a good boy. You take drugs? Me either. BUT! It was a long time ago. I was a "brainless" kid that time. BUT! I only want to try it. I don't care if people laugh at me because i can't "eat" more then 3 round. I'm still new and i already quit now. Enough! I don't need that shit to make my parents proud of me. Eventhough i'm a poor, non-educated village boy, i can think better then who addicted to drug.

If i got no idea, it'll became like this.

Stop laughing,
It's annoying,
Your pretty face is going to hell,
So, shut the fuck up.

Don't you try do make me smile,
I won't smile if i see your rotting face,
You think you pretty enough?
Look at your mirror again.

Don't even think to get pass through my heart,
It won't melt again,
Trust me dear,
If this heart melt again, i believe it's not for you.

Abis dh, cerita tergantung. haha

Monday, April 20, 2009

4.32 a.m

I don't know why i keep thinking of you,
I can't sleep,
Our memories ruin my night,
And i keep thinking of you over and over again,
It's already late,
I must close my tired eyes,
Oh god, I can't
I'm afraid that you'll forget to knock my dream door tonight,
It's enough if i'm losing you by my side,
But i don't want to lose you as my dream friend,
I don't care if you're not coming back again,
But please,
Don't forget me,
I don't care if you're just a dream,
I feel real safe with you eventhough it just a dream.

I always love you J.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No title.

I found someone special in my heart,
After wasted my whole life on nothing,
Creates me happiness,
Because i adore you,
Only you,

My eyes was closed by sunlight,
It was so bright,
I can't see anything,
Until you show your pretty face in front of me,

You hold my hand,
Bring me away from that light,
I feel alive,


What a shame.

ini kisah benar.

bkn aku nk kutuk kaum sendiri, bkn aku nk kata aku pandai, bkn nk kata aku baguih. tp pikiaq sama la. dh la tk brapa cerdik. klu org kaya tkpa la jgk. nk blajaq tp malas paihtu nk balik klas awai, ckp la "kami nk balik awai (1 kelas). letih la ari ni". kpala bapak hg la burit oi. hg babitkn kami suma btpa. hg tamau blajaq tu hg pnya pasai pa. gatai balik awai bkn balik umah pn. p jumpak boyfriend. gatai burit sgt hg p kawen la. bodo punya budak. klu hg bt skali dua tkpa. ni tiap2 minggu. aku yg jarang mai klas pn tk jd mcm hg. aku paham lebih dari hg. org dok blajaq hg dok main msg. hg tu tiap2 ari masuk klas, haram tk paham apa. blajaq natang pa pn tatau. otak sumbat kt lubang burit, paih tu bagi boyfriend jolok, lagi masuk dalam. mau tk paham apa. hg igt makpak hg nk jaga hg smpai hg tua ka? awat, hg igt hg dok bg boyfriend hg jolok tu hg bleh kaya? bodo punya budak. dh la assignment pn keja tiru org. mau kena assignment group, hg buat ka? hg keja mengarah ja. buat tatau. psaipa? dh hg tk reti. hg tu pekak. bodo punya burit. dok menggedik dlm klas. hg igt hg segak sgt ka? muka mcm pungkoq periuk, dok bt gedik. haihhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

LIYANA - Last dance lyrics

This is my last dance with you
This is my only chance to do all I can do
To let you know that what I feel for you is real

This is the last chance for us
This is the moment that I just cannot let end
Before I know that theres a chance were more than friends

So don’t let go, don’t let go
Make it last all night
This is my last chance to make you mine

I kept my feelings so deep
I kept my dreams of you and me somewhere inside
Although I prayed that you would see it in my eyes

But this is my last chance to say
Whats in my heart before you stay out of my life
And then youll understand the way I feel inside

So hold me close cause it feels so right
This is my last chance to make it mine
Make this dream reality
So close and yet so far
Gotta find a way into your heart
Gotta speak my mind
Gotta open up to you this time
I cant let you slip away tonight
This is my last dance with you

This is my only chance to do all I can do
To let you know that what I feel for you is so real
So don’t let go
Just make it last all night long
This is my last chance to make you mine, yeah
To make you mine

HIZAKI grace project - Race Wish

What a beautiful song. I can play 3/5 of this song. I can't play this song perfectly because i'm not using electric guitar (miskin) I'm just using 19 frets guitar (gitar kapok, tatau nk abaq dlm english. haha) Can you tell me? Haaa. This is my 1st time learn a song using tabs. What i mean is, i'm using GuitarPro program to learn song. Easy to understand. Not like tabs, it has no movement and music as i use GuitarPro program. If you don't understand, just download GuitarPro yourself and try it.

1 more thing, he is beautiful isn't it? HAHAHA =P